Does this sound like you?

  • You sometimes have to repeat specific words or phrases because the listener has not understood what you have said.

  • Now and again, you find it difficult to understand speakers on the telephone.

  • You don’t feel confident talking in a professional group situations with native English speakers.

  • You want to work on your pronunciation but don't have time for in-person classes.

In this short course, an Introduction to 'R' and 'L', you'll...

  1. Start refining your listening skills.  
  2. Learn about breath support, develop your awareness of mouth and tongue co-ordination and understanding of "voicing" - just some of the strategies you'll use to start to improve your pronunciation in English.

What's in the course?

    1. Short course - Introduction to 'R' (and'L'!)

    1. Listening for Syllables - demonstration

    2. Listening for Syllables continued - your turn

    3. Listening for Rhymes - demonstration

    4. Listening for Rhymes continued - your turn

    5. Watching and Listening for 'R' and 'L' by themselves

    6. Listening (only) for 'R' and 'L' by themselves

    7. Tips to know when saying tricky consonants

    8. Step 1 - how to say 'R' with no voice'.

About this course

  • Free
  • 9 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

** Please note: You will have 7 days to access this course upon enrollment. **

Still have questions?

  • What is the cost of this course?

    It’s completely free - and you get access for 7 full days.

  • Does this course teach me everything I need to improve my pronunciation?

    Not everything. This is a ‘taster’ course that will help you: listen for syllables, listen for rhymes, and listen out for ‘R’ and ‘L’. It will show you some other great strategies for improving your pronunciation. We offer several other courses if you’re interested in continuing to practice and improve. Click on ALL COURSES at the top of this page to view our other courses.

  • Do I get a completion certificate?

    Not with this free course, HOWEVER, you do receive a completion certificate with all of the paid courses.

  • Do I get access to the instructors or Artikul8’s founder in this course?

    As this is a complimentary course (with some great strategies!) you do not get access to instructors or the founder. This is a taster course. All of our paid courses give you access to live group calls where you can ask questions as well as interact with other students and instructors.