Check out these common questions

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  • Can I sign up for free?

    Yes! We have a free taster course here. Please note, this does not give you access to the live Q&A sessions available on our paid courses.

  • What level of English do I need to complete a course?

    Artikul8's courses are designed with advanced speakers of English in mind - we therefore recommend you have an IELTS score of at least 4.5 in speaking and listening in English before starting one of our courses.

  • Can I access the course in my own language?

    You can set up your navigation / dashboard in our courses in a number of languages by clicking on Admin Dashboard, Settings, Learning Content, Language settings when logged in to your account. However, please note, the course content (audio clips, video files, instructions and Q&A sessions) will still be in English.

  • What happens if I run out of time to complete a course?

    You get 3 months to complete a course. As long as you send us an e-mail us within 2 weeks of the end date of your course, we'll happily extend you for another calendar month for free - contact us here here.

  • Can I get a discount if I sign up for a second course?

    Yes! Once you've worked your way to the end of your first course, we offer you a discount if you then wish to sign up for a second course.

  • I've forgotten my password, how do I re-set it?

    Go to Artikul8's sign-in page and click the 'forgot password' link.

  • How is my progress monitored?

    You can get direct advice and feedback on this during our Q&A sessions. We recommend that you record yourself speaking in English before and after your course. Ideally, we recommend you record the same sentences or story for 60 seconds. This will give you a clear picture of your progress. Our listening tasks provide automatic scoring to provide immediate feedback. Please note, if you access Artikul8's courses through your company, tailored support is provided differently.

  • Can you provide training to organisations / companies?

    Yes! Check out our Organisations page here.

  • How can I be sure your courses are high quality?

    Good question! The short answer is because we are highly qualified professionals. Speech & Language Therapists are actually the only professionals who are trained to change or introduce new pronunciation patterns. We have to pass specialist exams to be able to do this and have to meet certain ongoing professional standards that ensure quality. Don't take our word for it - ask the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists, our professional body in the UK -

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  • I want to speak English like a native speaker, is this possible?

    This is a very common question. It really does depend on when you started to learn English and your level of exposure to it. Check out our blog article - here - for more information.

  • I'm an ELT professional, can I use your courses with my students?

    Yes! Check out our page for ELT professionals here!

  • Can I sign up to a course using a subscription instead of a one off payment?

    Not at the moment, but we are keeping this under review!

  • How do I access the live Q&A sessions?

    All information about the live Q&A sessions is provided after you sign up to a paid course. If you have signed up for a course and not received this information, please follow the link to join the online community at the start of your course or e-mail us here.

  • How do I get a refund?

    Simply e-mail us here with your contact details and we'll sort it for you.