• Clear pronunciation in English is critical in your company’s industry and you want your employees / interns to benefit from specialist training.

  • You have highly valued employees / interns who lack confidence in their English pronunciation skills in specific circumstances, for example, on the phone or when giving a presentation.

  • You provide a world class internship programme and offering expert e-courses in English pronunciation is a unique feature to offer.

Changing pronunciation is easy, right?

Hmm, let’s see…. (as you watch, keep in mind that Nell is a native English speaker)....

As you may have guessed, even for a native speaker of English, changing pronunciation patterns is tricky - so for someone who is learning English as a second language, changing or introducing new pronunciation patterns is hard!! 

Artikul8’s e-courses on English Pronunciation provide a high quality solution.

We help professionals learning English as a second language improve their pronunciation in English through our quality driven, expert e-courses

Our e-courses provide:

  • Step by step listening activities help professionals refine their listening skills - correctly understanding spoken messages is critical in certain industries / roles.

  • Step by step pronunciation practice activities that develop your employees confidence that they can be understood without having to repeat specific words or phrases.

  • Work on accent through gradually listening to and imitating stress, rhythm and intonation patterns in English.

  • Clients walk away with strategies to maintain their new pronunciation skills over time - so they will know how to work on new words / phrases they initially find difficult to say.

Our Current Course Offerings

We offer x 4 courses (including the free taster). 

English pronunciation is a very big topic.  Our focus is advanced pronunciation.   All our courses provide training in key skills for advanced pronunciation.  We help our clients to apply these skills to improve their pronunciation, so they are understood first time, in person and on the phone.  Our step by step approach also gives our clients the opportunity to develop their confidence in using their new pronunciation skills.

Introduction to ‘R’ and ‘L’

This taster course takes a client through our listening activities and some key tips we use throughout all our courses.  

Benefits:  clients experience how the courses typically work and have the opportunity to try some of our listening activities.  Our key tips demonstrate three strategies we use throughout our courses.  These are not widely known and are based on our specialist training and experience in working on changing pronunciation patterns and / or introducing new ones.


By the end of any of the following courses, clients should be able to:

  • Speak clearly and listen well on the phone.

  • Give a presentation clearly and confidently.

  • Say tricky consonants and vowels in English clearly and confidently.

  • Have improved confidence in their ability to hear and produce patterns of stress, rhythm and intonation in spoken English.

  • Confidently use key strategies to help themselves pronounce new, tricky words they may come across over time.

We help our clients develop clarity and confidence using a step by step approach. 

Each training course focuses on a tricky consonant as a starting point and uses a sentence building approach to improving pronunciation.  Clients are required to complete listening activities and are asked to practice their new pronunciation skills in specific ways.   We also provide regular opportunities for feedback and discussion.

Industry specific vocabulary can be included on request.

Feel free to check out the content for each of our courses.
Simply click on '
R', 'L' or 'Th'. 

When your employees win, you win.

  • EASY CPD WIN! Online access anytime, anywhere - and our high quality (paid) courses on English Pronunciation include access to live Question & Answer sessions with our experts!

  • CUSTOMISED FACE TO FACE ACCESS to experts and multiple course licences available for business to business contracts.

  • INDUSTRY SPECIFIC VOCABULARY. We are more than happy to include vocabulary specific to your industry upon request.

  • UNIQUE, HIGH QUALITY TRAINING. Our courses reduce the cost of face to face sessions by 90% without compromising quality. (Did you know? Independent Speech & Language Therapists can charge up to £150 per hour to see a client face to face).

  • GAIN CONFIDENCE. Clients master new pronunciation skills and improve their confidence on the phone, in meetings and presentations!

  • BUILD UP LISTENING SKILLS. Structured listening activities help clients refine their listening skills - important for working on the phone!

  • SELF-MOTIVATED LEARNING. Clients work at their own pace with clear, step by step video demonstrations on pronunciation!

  • LIVE TASTER SESSION. We offer organizations the opportunity of a custom 'Pop-In'. This gives up to 10 of your employees a taste of our expertise live and on-line for 1 hour.

Your employees will also receive these bonuses!

  • Regular live, virtual Question & Answer sessions on our paid courses for clients (worth up to £150 per session).

  • Across all courses, step by step video clips demonstrate and teach correct pronunciation (including stress, intonation and rhythm) that would take many face to face sessions to complete and master (worth up to £1,200 per course). On our courses, clients can replay these as many times as they wish.

What others are saying about Artikul8®

Miki Murashima, Dental Hygienist
If you would like to contact Miki with additional questions, please email us at info@artikul8.com. 

Miki's testimonial in English.

Gladys Liu, University Tutor in ESL and Cantonese
If you would like to contact Gladys with additional questions, please email us at info@artikul8.com.

Gladys's testimonial in English.

"I was able to watch and copy the people on the clips when they said English vowels which was very helpful as this is something I struggle with." Nivi Morales, Web Developer

If you would like to contact Nivi with additional questions, please email us at info@artikul8.com.

Istvan Juhasz, CEO and Senior Manager
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Still have questions?

  • How long do my employees get to complete 1 (paid) course?

    90 days. Remember, they can also access the free Short Course for 7 days.

  • Can they work through the courses at their own pace / enroll at any time?

    Of course.

  • Do they get a Completion Certificate at the end of the courses?

    Yes, absolutely! Please note, we don’t offer completion certificates on our free Short Course.

  • Do they need anything else apart from a computer / access to the internet?

    They’ll need headphones for the listening activities and a small handheld mirror for pronunciation practice activities.

  • What if I decide it’s not the right training programme for us?

    We actually offer a ‘free trial’ for potential companies who may be interested in buying multiple licences for their employees to avoid this situation. Depending on the size of the company, we can offer up to 10 employees the opportunity to complete one course each over a limited time period in return for feedback. Please note, we require a Terms of Reference (ToR) agreement to be in place before the trial starts.

Our e-courses may not be the best fit for your organisation if:

  • If your employee(s) IELTS score in English is less than 4.5.

  • If you can’t give your employees up to 18 hours over 3 months to access and complete their chosen course online.

What are your employees options?

  • Option One

    They could read a course book or articles to try to improve their pronunciation. Unfortunately, books won’t provide video demonstrations, listening activities, and instruction combined that Artikul8 provides.

  • Option Two

    They could take courses or classes from English language teaching professionals BUT while they are experts at teaching English as a LANGUAGE, they are NOT qualified experts to work with them to change PRONUNCIATION patterns or introduce new ones (which REALLY is the only way to improve pronunciation).

  • Option Three

    ENROLL your employees in our e-courses and learn from the BEST! Artikul8 only uses uniquely and professionally qualified speech and language therapists to design it’s courses. We are highly trained and are required to adhere to professional standards set out by the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT) - see www.rcslt.org